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Kraken Academy!! Review: A Bizarre but Hilarious Time Travel Adventure

I’m very vocal about my love of visual novels, in particular Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (I have three tattoos!) but it may come as a surprise that I actually like other types of games too. I know, what a surprise! I love tactical RPGs such as Fire Emblem, turn-based JRPGs like Persona and adventure games […]

Monster Prom Review: The Funniest Dating Simulator You’ll Ever Play

Coffee Talk has been a big catalyst for finding similar narrative-based games for me this year, messing up my Steam algorithm in the best way possible. For a game that’s introduced so many other games to me, I should really write something about and I will someday, but that day is not today. No, today […]

//TODO: Today – A Wholesome, Motivating and Free (!) visual novel

(Potential spoilers ahead? Maybe, be careful!) So you see the problem with Steam is that once you’ve played a game of one genre, it will recommend you a bunch of similar games and then you end up spending the rest of your year playing visual novels and dating simulators. Although I am a big fan […]